Pre-Session Consultation

A few weeks prior to our photography session I like to take around 30 minutes to meet with you and your pet. This gives me the opportunity to learn more about your pet's personality. If the session is going to take place at my studio I like to let your pet wander around my studio, and get used to the sights, smells, and sounds, so that they feel comfortable. It also gives the pet parent and I the time to chat so that I can get an idea of your style, expectations, and products you are interested in. I have several product samples in my studio for you to look at. I also email you a pre-session questionnaire a few weeks beforehand. If time is not permitting and you are unable to meet for our pre-session in person we can do the pre-session consultation over the phone. 


Photography Session

Photo sessions are typically in the studio, but can be on location. The first concern I hear from most pet parents is that their dog won't sit still or behave for a studio session. With lots of patience, squeaky toys, and yummy treats we will have a lot of fun and get some great pics at the same time!  I am always told by my clients that their dogs have a very long nap when they get home.

My studio is pet -proof and also disinfected between each session. I always have ITS A MIRACLE cleaner and a roll of paper towels at arm's reach so don't be concerned if your pet has an accident. It happens. I have a huge backyard that is completely fenced- in if your dog needs a potty break or just a break in general.



Location Photo sessions

The Location can be in your home, your backyard, a park, or an other location. Take into consideration what kind of distractions will be around when choosing your location. Especially if your dog gets easily distracted. Safety is my number one concern, so in most cases I will ask that your dog wear a leash in open outdoor areas. Leash removal can most often be done through the magic of Photoshop .  


viewing/ordering session

Roughly two weeks after your photography session we can view all your pet's wonderful photos on a monitor in my studio.  I can help you pick out your favorites to create beautiful photo keepsakes to light up your heart and home for years to come. You will view and chose from approximately 15 to 25 images. I only carry the highest quality photography products all of which are printed at professional grade labs.

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