Within a week prior to the photography session is best. It allows a few days for your pet's fur to grow out. If possible, use your regular groomer. If you are unable to have your pet professionally groomed prior to the photography session give them a good brushing and wipe away any tear stains from their face.


It is best that your dog is a bit hungry for the photography session. They will be more motivated by treats during the session. Although I always have healthy treats on hand feel free to bring your own. Especially if your pet is finicky and/or has food allergies or stomach issues.

toys and clothing

I have many studio props and fancy pet collars, clothing and squeaky toys. You are welcome to bring anything like your pet's favorite ball or blanket. Also if you would like your pet photographed in a special outfit or collar please feel free to bring it along. Just make sure to let me know at our pre-session so I can keep everything in the proper color harmony.


Its highly recommended that you walk your dog before the photography session. Enough exercise that he can release some energy and be more relaxed during the session but not too much so that he is too tired and just wants to sleep.

for any inquires contact karen 605-988-4285 or use the form below.